Shadow on Concrete Wall

Rhea:  noun - ˈrā

She is the stream of light reached from the highest sun, capable of penetrating the smallest openings to shed light into someone’s darkness.  A beam of radiant energy, so explosive that no boundaries can hold back a Rhea of hope.  

She is her own Rhea of light, her own guiding star, it is her will that drives the endeavor to seek those who need their sky’s filled with glowing stars.  Stars are held together by their own gravity, it is her stories that fuel the shine to reach others.  

Like the sky, she is transparent allowing you to see the winds, the clouds, and the heavens when it pours.  Rhea is an accumulation of morals diverging from a common center, the center of God.  

I am Rhea.  A woman who proudly stands with integrity, grounding myself to find  purpose in the storms I’ve survived.  My journey to becoming a vessel so that I can help change the perspective of the world by sharing the wisdom I’ve been blessed to gain.  I want to expand your mind outside the ideas you know so that we can all begin to grow towards understanding and peace.