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Are you equipped with a toolbox of life tools?

I hate Home Depot. Walking into that store is the equivalent of walking into the ocean blinded. I, number one, have no idea where anything is. Number two, if I did know where everything was, I don’t know what I’m looking for. Let’s say I did know what to get and where to find it, I don’t know how to use it. The most annoying part, nobody is ever anywhere to help guide me in the right direction. How many of you are trying to build or fix your life without tools, instructions or guidance? Lately, the encounters I’ve had with adults, has made it very obvious that so many people are just lost. They are about the equivalent of dumping out an ikea box of pieces and trying to put it together in the dark. It probably isn’t fair to compare myself to individuals who don’t have children or who have never been married, etc, but I can’t make excuses for the small mindedness that seems to be a pandemic today. Everyone is living amongst their small circles and only seeing truths that fit what glorifies their egos or what feels good. When confronted with truths, they point the blame, assign fault and never reflect or accept that they may very well need to grow. A dull blade can only cut so precise or sufficient. If we aren’t sharpening ourselves or making ourselves stronger to execute proper steps through our lives, we will continue to not measure up properly and fall short. No one is born a carpenter. We can only acquire the skills our parents instilled within us. Unfortunately, some of us weren’t given the advantage to leave home with a full tool belt and have had to pick up a few along the way. I’m not the you tube look and learn type but I’ve read up on some self help manuels that made life’s workshop a bit easier to take. I keep a few extra screws on hand to give out when I meet someone I can help tighten up by given advice from the many things I’ve learned. Even if we are willing to start tearing down walls it can be messy, cutting off power to outlets and leaving dust on everything. The expansion and change of a layout can be edifying. As I upgrade I seek partnership in someone who, too, has a solid foundation to help me build up. Having the blueprints may get me the concept, having a handyman will get me the house.

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