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Be brave to step out into the rain without an umbrella.

How long do you think a tv will last, before it burns out from being left on all night long? I promise that’s not one of those random questions your children ask you that makes your eyes squint wondering where that came from. This is serious. I, may just have, the most expensive nightlight an adult could have. Even with the tv screensaver on, I also leave my closet light on with the door cracked. True story...not making this up. What’s even worse, the tv screensaver shows the time to remind me how often I wake up at night. I’ve got to get over my fear of the dark. When it rains we use umbrellas to keep us dry. Even though the rain won’t kill us, our skin is waterproof, our clothes can be hung and washed, we use umbrellas to stand underneath. It feels more comfortable and safe. The same way we choose to not leave that company to start our own business, or remain in that relationship instead of venturing back out on our own. Even in the confidence of knowing we possess the abilities to do so, it’s easier to produce with someone else than to feel the absence of the security they bring. How many times do you wait for a large group of people to go dance in the middle of because you don’t want to be seen? Wether it’s just you alone out there or 100 others, you’re still visible and your ability to break it down doesn’t change. What keeps us from being vulnerable enough to take chances and believing in ourselves? During my morning inspirational “feed me” time, I heard two statements, “in the absence of answers, faith is created. In the absence of resources, creativity is created”. I think we all need less certainty and more venturing. If I’m laying next to someone I can turn the lights off and go to sleep with no problem. If there are monsters in the dark, that won’t change if I’m alone or not. It’s time to hit the switch.

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