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Be patient with your long term investments.

I’m no chef. For me to google a recipe is the equivalent of investing into new stock. Before I can even begin to cook, I have to go buy every single seasoning, oil, or tool needed in order to crush, juice, etc. to even get started. When I could just easily order a pizza online, never leave my home, no mess to clean up and boom instant gratification. But if I take the time to collect the items needed, I would be well equipped, or closer to possessing the things I needed for my next recipe. How often do we bite the bullet, go the extra mile for a small return than skipping the line to have nothing to show for? Like Brené Brown, I’m going to begin to invent my own terminologies beginning with “bottom line succeeding”. So often we focus on the expenditures or the cost in fulfilling our goals and dreams. We are consumed by the lack of sleep, energy consumption, money exhaustion, the time that has lapsed and anything that is spent. You can never truly measure the “profit” or growth if you only view the top line, the gross net. It’s only after we have calculated the blood, sweat, and tears that we can truly see the gold that’s settled at the bottom. The big picture. Progression. The always moving forward mentality that keeps us shifted into drive. In all things patience is vital. We have to slow cook and marinate sometimes. Like a sunset or sunrise, the sun doesn’t just POOF and appear it in the sky, it rises, slowly presenting itself to the day. As it climbs higher and higher the view begins to transform into intricate colors until it breaks the horizon and takes its position. No sunset is ever the same yet we are promised to see its majestic beauty every single day. Sometimes when it rains the clouds block the view, yet it’s still there even when we can’t see it. When you feel the efforts are outweighing the return, or you’re making pennies on the dollar, you’re still in the green. We have to learn to focus on the important aspects of what we are doing and stop dwelling in the cost. Be proud of the small wins that will get you across the finish line. When the doors are jammed we may be forced to crack a window or climb the walls. Ether way you can’t stand outside waiting for someone to open them for you, sometimes you have to break in.

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