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Better vs Potential

Enough. The same word that describes my existence is the very same word that stops the tolerance I’ve allowed of the world to make me think otherwise. I’ve talked about false perceptions of the world before, but this view has just been discovered. Most people know the mistakes I’ve made in my past from early motherhood, to a divorce and other failed ventures . I’ve had broken friendships, messed up work situations and the struggles of a single mother. Although, I could see a single grown adult who has successes, which success is based on our own idea of the concept, or what appears as a happy married family and destroy my self worth based on a mere status. I could see my value decrease based on the cards I was dealt or I could start counting them as blessings as I become more experienced in playing the game. Better vs potential. I may not be better than anyone but a lot of perfect people have nothing to offer. No struggles to share. No challenges to help others overcome. No insight to make a change. How can anyone appreciate clean hands if they have never had them dirty? Stop the pity party, the pointing of blame. Stop crying about every hill you’ve fallen down or rock you have tripped over. I could go on and on and on about every misfortune I’ve endured and at the end of the day it’s those very things that have made me an amazing woman. I may have just thrown in too many dashes of “I just don’t give a shit” in my recipe of this life that I’ve had to revamp the formula. Now that I’ve run out of fucks to give I have found investing into my own good is priority number one, making myself more valuable to those I come in contact with. The point is we can not determine our self value based on whether or not we possess qualities or things that people deem “better”. We have got to start looking inside at what we have to offer and the potentials of who we are as human beings with souls. That shitty set up could be the very platform to transform the world. Change your perspective and the experience will change. Then you will change. I’ve thought about dying lately. All I can think about is if when I go, will I have made an impact? Will the moments that defined me be nothing more than memories or will they be monumental movements that helped other people like myself? I don’t know the answer, I just know it’s time to start taking tears and turning them into healing waters. You may be better but I have infinite potential. Jhené Aiko - “If everything is dipped in gold, then baby it will never grow.”

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