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Catch currents not feelings

Nobody walks up to an electrical outlet and sticks a fork into it to get shocked. If one were even to anticipate the reaction, they would still have a surprising response to the jolt. If you’ve never had an electrical incident, most people have been shocked by touching someone. Regardless of the experience, we never see it coming.

For a while now, I’ve been dead. Comatose from not wanting to feel anything, I’ve laid silently in the dark to clean the palate of my senses. They say the best time to birth something is after the womb has been cleansed, even if it came from a loss. Best decision I made was decluttering my mind and heart so I could see clearly. Also, an empty plate allows space for new servings.

We can never anticipate flatlining, but when a hand compression touches your soul like fibrillation, you begin to breathe back into your life. Now I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before. Moments that leave me, the writer, without words. Feels good to be alive again.

There's enough electricity running through my body to light up this light pole. I'll bet, soon, to light up this entire town.

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