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Do not be shamed for being exceptional.

Remember back in the day when you would go to the park and play on the swing set? If someone asked or dared you to jump, would you? In the midst of your own debate, did you think about other people? Did you question who would judge your decision making? After all only two things were going to happen: land on your feet or fall down. Ether option involved landing on the ground. Sometimes, if we landed on our feet improperly a shock would go through our body causing pain and if we fell on the ground we could soften it with a roll. My question is, do you care about the landing or those present? Sometimes, we posses qualities that are so rare and so great we often feel foolish for them. Being courageous enough to take a leap is something honorable to be praised without even knowing the results. If we vault and don’t score a perfect 10.0, it shouldn’t deduct the fact that we were ballsy enough to step out on a limb. Then the aftermath. We become self conscious of the judgment that is to follow if we don’t succeed. You moved and things didn’t workout so you came back, you tried to make things work with an ex, or you dropped out of school. So many things we attempt based on following our hearts and what we feel is right. What’s to judge? Oh wow, you’re a person who is willing to stick around and persevere through a commitment without giving up? Willing to try and save something that matters to you? To be selfless to give something or someone a benefit of a doubt and push through? In reality, most people are willing to jump ship and most people will fail to see your actions as an honorable way of displaying your integrity. Plus misery loves company. Society only praises you for crossing the finish line. Most of us watch sports during the play offs because we don’t want to see a season of preparation. We don’t care about what you did everyday to reach the end, we just want to see the results and come to our own conclusion. When someone succeeds we want to praise them. For all we know they stole, cheated, and lied to achieve their “greatness”...and the one who failed possesses the greatness. Like the saying goes, “if you can’t love me at my worst, then you don’t deserve my best.” If you aren’t willing to be tagged on the photo of me busting my ass off the swing set than you can’t sit with me at the Grammys. I won’t apologize for my struggles cause at the end of the day I’m winning.

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