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Do not let just any light distract you, they don't all lead to the end of the tunnel.

I have an astigmatism. What that means, is that when light hits my eyes it doesn’t balance the light equally and causes blurred or distorted vision. It misses the focus point within my eye. For me this is only a big problem with night driving. The light causes issues such as creating shadows that makes it hard for me to see medians and depth perception. The only thing I can do is buy glasses to help keep my vision clear so that I don’t run into these obstacles.

Look look a shiny ball! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve met someone new who had me excited or a new business concept that was going to be my jump off. We have all experienced a squirrel that catches our attention. No matter how focused we can be, we can be disrupted by the glimpse of things that get tossed in the midst of our daily lives. Sometimes that glimpse isn’t the light at the end of the tunnel but a glare from the sun creating a hazard when we are trying to drive forward. If we aren’t able to discern the relevance or lack of relevance to our journey we can find ourselves off roading. How do we determine if the little surprises of life are meant to be blessings or distractions?

I like risk. I’m a firm believer that if I don’t seek an opportunity that could have reward then I’ll spend my life wondering what if. I also don’t have an issue taking the loss if it doesn’t pan out the way that I had expected. After so many plays I’m beginning to develop a greater strategy when entering the field. My quest now is not finding the quickest way to my destination but the most effective and safe route.

The same way I have almost driven my car over a median only to stop mere feet before doing so, we have to become conscious of the patterns and cycles we continue to make. Find yourself always broke and Starbucks with cups collecting in the trash? Dating the same person over and over? Seem to have the same argument with someone about the same thing? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Wake up! The concept that people can’t change was probably introduced by someone who expected the people around them to change because they didn’t want to!

Here’s the deal, if we can make conscious decisions to acknowledge the repeated mistakes we make, begin to recognize red flags, retrain our habits and actions then we will be able to be aware when these unsolicited issues come our way. do we discern miracles and mistakes. Sometimes we are attracted to the shiny object that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, if your discernment is like my eyes you can’t focus enough on the point because the image is distorted. I have to follow my gut or intuition and pray God exposes the truth.

I find myself running in place at times...I don’t know if I should run forward or reverse and retreat. I’m so tired of repeated cycles that I won’t jump in the water anymore before dipping my toe a hundred times. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m being too safe, too cautious, and missing opportunities.

Life is a never ending game of strategy and rehearsal. The more we practice on conditioning our minds and our reactions, the better the performance will come out. Unfortunately, there’s no brain glass shop in the mall we can stop in to correct our thought processes but we can definitely strengthen our minds by stimulating it. We can form positive behaviors by practicing more conscious decision making.

I create the dynamic of my life, I am the creator of the atmosphere I live in. I can’t see at night, but I can make the decision to not get behind the wheel after dark.

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