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Do not serve me a plate of undisclosed ingredients.

At first glance, my mind translates those words into past experiences where a male figure has left me disappointed. A man has mislead me with false truths only to feel like I’ve wasted my time. Sitting at a table of boxed mashed potatoes and frozen meat that was portrayed to be fresh and organic. Reality tho, even if we don’t like it, we chose that restaurant, that seat, and we chose to put our fork in it. Even a step further...sometimes we are our own chef, serving ourselves false ideas knowing exactly where the ingredients come from. I’ve reached a place where I don’t sit down anymore, I’m on the go. I have things to do, deadlines to meet, and shit to make happen. If you’d like to sit in the passenger seat as I commute on to my next stop and have a bite on the way, I’m down. The seasons of waiting at a table are over. I put myself in mediocre settings. I allowed garbage to be fed to me and then wondered why I was sick to my stomach in disgust. Me. Nobody else. Just like you. Nobody else. The same way we choose to eat healthy diets is the same way we need to choose what we consume when allowing others in our space. We are responsible. Life is a mental game, my mental health is way more impactful than anything in the physical realm. If I’m not in the right mind space, everything is affected. My ability to parent, work, think, eat, just function in everyday life. I surround myself in positive things and I reject those that make me feel inadequate or insane. With that being said we need to learn the art of honesty. Being honest with ourselves about what we will and will not tolerate as well as being honest with others with our intentions. Before asking me to dinner ask what it is you have to offer. My table is strong, the plates are customized and the food is of the finest. Even if you had nothing more than a compliment, a chivalrous act of pulling out my seat, or good’s adequacy would impact the mood in a positive manner. Sometimes it’s not the food at all but the stimulation of the mind that is left to linger. Let me decide what I want off the menu, show me what the real ingredients are before choosing to place it on my dish.

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