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Got tired of waiting for Prince Charming to save me so I climbed down the tower myself.

Have you ever had a job that didn’t pay you enough? A job that wasn’t worth your time or the benefits weren’t worth your energy? Ever have a friendship or relationship that didn’t invest back into you the way you invested into it? If you’re able to answer those questions than you have some form of understanding to the concept of self value. Please, don’t stop here. I’m not good enough. Maybe those aren’t the exact words that you say to yourself in the mirror but many times it’s what our actions say about ourselves. Sometimes it’s in the form of procrastination or just the lack of effort all together. When we don’t feel adequate we will allow things and people to keep us from reaching the finish line. I want to let you know that I’m over qualified. I’m worth too much to continue to help invest in people who have nothing to offer me. If you’re a deposit box I’m done. If your system doesn’t have the ability for me to make withdrawals than your emotional bank is clearly broken and I’m going to bank somewhere else. A friend once told me, if you were a business, would you allow a pore investor to invest into your brand? Mind blown. Absolutely, not. Here is 2020. I officially have four hustles. I can’t say jobs because two are my own businesses, one is my contracted educator position, and then a part time I picked up for a few days a week. Why? Because even though I’ve never quit on Kandice ShaRhea, I definitely have not invested into her the way she deserves. For one year, at least, I plan to breathe Kandice, sleep Kandice, dream Kandice, and support Kandice. Because quit frankly my dear, nobody else has. Even thought I stand strong today, I’m not where I want to be. Waiting on someone to stand behind me may leave me looking like a skeleton meme on a park bench! We aren’t promised forever and I’m not getting any younger. I want a home. I want a salon. I want to knock some things off my bucket list. Waiting on Prince Charming to sweep in and hold my hand is just leaving me bedridden with sores and this girl isn’t going to stop moving until I reach my goals. Not going to allow anyone to cut my circulation and keep me from moving ever again. I’ve reached my limit. I deserve better. I’m too talented to not make an attempt to achieve my dreams. We only live once and if you follow my social media you know I do whatever floats my boat. Up to now I’ve been treading water and I’m ready to sail. My children need to see that hard work does pay off and to never tempt a person who has perseverance...we won’t quit...with or without you. My time has always been valuable but now it’s a precious commodity. If you get a moment of it, don’t take it for granted, my book is filling up and I don’t plan to slow down.

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