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Love your "heart, soul, and mind" in your skin.

The saying “love the skin you’re in” meant that we should love the way we look. That we should embrace the body, the skin color, the type of hair we have, our height, and any other physical attribute we inherited. In an age of false perceptions and social media, we seem to find more time fantasizing about someone else’s life, or seeing the mess in someone else’s story, to evaluate our own self worth . If you look between the lines the phrase implies that we should love what’s in. What’s in our skin is our heart, soul, and mind. We have to manage to stop at the surface of the world and seek beneath our own flesh to find the true value.

I don’t think I can write enough about the importance of self-growth. It seems at the peak of a place where I feel the most secure my windshield gets hit by a bug on the highway and smacks me dead in my face at seventy miles an hour. As most drivers know it’s instant, quick, messy, and leaves our view a bit distorted, yet doesn’t keep us from traveling forward. When we hit the windshield wipers to clear it off, well, it just smudges further across the glass. Sort of how I feel. I get to the places where I can’t be soaked by the rain because the place I’m in is so protected and sound, that a train horn couldn’t reach my ears. Then something collides with me and my emotions are attacked, leaving me to feel vulnerable, as if I were laying on the pavement in the middle of the street. Since I’m on the ground looking up, I really can’t see which direction to go.

Away, my immediate defense mechanism way of handling things. If you make me question your ability to hurt me, I typically feel it’s best I cut the source. Sometimes the people close to us have a power given to them that seems like an umbilical cord with a blood trail leading right up to the heart. I’m beginning to see more and more that it’s me who can cut off the switch. It’s me who can stop giving that control away. And it’s me who needs to grow to a place where I can’t be shaken by people. Lately I’m beginning to see what platform I stand upon and how height makes for an easy target.

Judgment and the desire to be accepted can weaken any human being if they don’t have an understanding of who they are. If they have insecurities in their abilities, if they question the security of their positioning, and definitely if they don’t know where they are or where they are going. People will prey on you if they know how to play the game. Sometimes will poke at those weaknesses when they are hurt, mad, or needing to latch out at someone else to relieve the situation. We have to have enough awareness to recognize those actions so that we don’t fall victim to these acts.

The same way they say God knows your heart, I know my heart. As much as people would like to come to their own conclusions about what I do in my spare time, who I spend my energy on, the decisions I make, and what my intentions are. I will not exalt anymore on convincing them on my truths. To be quite honest I’m done talking. I’m done showing. As I begin to cross bridges into the next chapter of my life, I will be putting out the torches that line the walkway so that I can leave the shadows behind. I won’t be caught in the dark with anyone ever again. I’ll let my life reflect where my focus goes and stop allowing people to make me question who I am.

We live one life with a multitude of options. It can be as grand and it can be as flavorful as you desire. When I look back I’m not going to remember the bugs on my windshield or how many times I had to run my car through the car wash. I’m going to remember the make and model, what years I had it, and where it took me. People who are in our lives for a transitional purpose will be nothing more than a revolving door. Don’t let it hit you on the way out.

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