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There are no rules for the way we chose to live our lives. Some of us go to college, some of us dedicate our lives to raising children; some of us become entrepreneurs and so forth. Even our maturity rate or the time it takes us to “get it together” differs. Without materialistic things to display someone’s status, the position of someone could go unseen.

The birth of a butterfly starts as an egg on a leaf. A leaf the mother chose because the larva, the butterfly at birth, is too small or weak to find food or another plant on its own. As it grows rapidly, it begins to shed off the outer skin to expand. We do not choose the life we are brought into, the parents who raised us, or the ability of the hand that fed us. We are only equipped with the tools given by the supplier and left to mold by our experiences. Even with that, we chose how we handle those situations, which perspectives we accept, and what to take from it all. We do not have the same playing fields, but the will to walk in the light or dark is a choice.

The stage of a caterpillar is the shortest period of them all. This time is spent eating and growing, which is why the mother needs to place it on a leaf it can survive on. Adolescence is the shortest period of our lives if we look at the expectancy of a human. The environment we lead our children in is so important because of their absorption in what we subject them to. Unfortunately, we don’t all grow up in perfect harmonies, and as parents, we struggle to monitor every aspect of our children’s lives, which leaves space for error to seep through the cracks.

Then there is the cocoon. Caterpillars enter short and stubby and exit with beautiful wings. This is where human metamorphosis ends for many people. This is the part where you decide that you want more from life, and you’re ready to undergo isolation, step away from the current, and invest the time for growth. To sit in solitude to change and understand what is necessary to fly. The freedom of being stuck in one place, of only having one option to feed yourself and release yourself into a world of infinity. Some people remain in a caterpillar state because a cacoon can fill like a cage instead of a space of transformation.

When the butterfly steps out of the cocoon, it isn’t ready yet. Its wings are soft and in need of blood supply to get them flapping and working. Similar to the way we pump blood into our muscles by exercising, we have to hone the skills we set forth in our change to form habits. Strengthen our minds by practicing so that our new routine becomes a lifestyle change. The butterfly takes 3 to 4 hours to fly once emerging; we too need time for a change that no longer will take thought for you to soar.

After the complete cycle of a butterfly is done, their purpose is to reproduce. For the butterfly reproducing means laying more eggs. To me, reproducing is a way for me to share my learnings to help other people grow and change. My experiences were designed not only for my lessons but for me to impact the people around me by producing understanding and clarity amongst those who also seek evolvement.

Life can be abstract if you only seek beauty on a surface level. Fear not to fly high and don’t hesitate to dive deep, and you won’t hit the ground if you keep your wings open.

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