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No longer growing people

Do you remember in kindergarten when you would make a fantastic gift to take home to your parents? It was your hand that was traced, and yes, maybe you colored it in, but the truth is the teacher assembled it all after cutting it out. Some adults never left that concept. Some adults are still walking around feeling empowered by the works of others and feeling accomplished for having the hand.

I have two hands. Right about now, I may flick you off with one while driving the getaway car with the other, but on most days, one is planting seeds while the other waters the plot. Whether you read that metaphorically or visualized the actual task, I do both; I release ideas to promote growth and drive in others while living out every day the concepts I preach.

What I’m learning to realize is that it’s ok to hand someone the tools and the directions, but I can’t supply the labor or nurturing components. I am a lover, a helper, a giver, and a damn good cheerleader, which is dope, but I can’t take shallow graves and make them deep rooted life. If you aren’t willing to dig and fertilize your fruit, why should I? After all, this farm girl has her cattle and farm to maintain as it is.

The water that supplies this life is from the earth and pure. If you can look up towards the sun, you can feel the radiance of the power. It’s when you seek other people that the source will go away.

I can no longer grow people.

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