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No longer washing away

As we enter into the new year, my self-reflections and outside views are only handing me my truths. Although I feel a bit foolish and embarrassed, I’m always grateful for the revelations I obtain. What it all comes down to is I’ve finally reached the bottom of the barrel. I’ve never hit rock bottom, but the bottom of the well that supplies my cup, and now that I’m drained, it’s time I replenish.

We all know it’s imperative to find time for ourselves. I’ve dabbled in that concept from time to time, but I’ve never truly isolated myself. I’ve had a difficult time putting into words where I’m at; my best attempt is taking social distancing to the next level and keeping unwarranted energy away from my space.

I’ve shut the door. I’ve taken down the welcome signs. The environment I’m in is fragile, and I’m going to self-quarantine for awhile. My drive to be greater is the drugs that are keeping me running on empty. I can only thank God for creating me into the woman I am.

I’m walking away from the drain; I’m done watching myself be washed away.

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