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Resurrect your values, there is no better time than the present.

This week is Holy Week. The series of events that lead up to the crucifixion of Jesus. Regardless of your beliefs, we should all understand the meaning of a resurrection. Sometimes when we are planted we feel hopeless because a seed buried in the ground is the same as being buried in a coffin. If it’s time to move, you need to raise up and move to a more nutrient filled ground. Just wait. Sit still. Be patient. Don’t give up. Hold on. Why haven’t you left? Why haven’t you let go? You should move on. It’s so difficult sometimes when you don’t know wether or not to up root yourself or remain planted. When you plant a seed, the plant begins to grow roots. It may take days before the plant reaches the surface for you to see something is growing. If you don’t give time to grow deep strong roots, you’re always going to remain in a shallow state that can be pulled out like weeds or washed away with the rains. Being alone in a deep place, waiting to break the surface is a place you don’t want to be without faith. Faith allows us to believe in what we can’t see. If you don’t like the fruits you’re producing, then you need to check the roots. Lately, I have found myself in a very peaceful state. My patience has grown, my responses have improved, and ultimately my tone doesn’t raise beyond a four. What I have noticed is that my kids are more calm, more open and affectionate, more appreciative, and seem more comfortable in approaching me. My children are a fruit I bare, and the atmosphere of their environment is up to me to create. Shifting my approach and demeanor has made a significant change in their behaviors and our encounters. Ultimately, we are producing a harmonic space. Sometimes it’s not the farmer, not the seeds, but simply the soil. If the soil is contaminated then it’s time to plant somewhere else. I have no green thumb. I love to receive flowers, I’ll cut them, arrange them, and put them on display. That vase is no place to keep a plant living for very long. Even when I feed it the plant food, place fresh water and trim the will die. You have to be able to see when the garden you are presently plowing has nothing to nurture you with. Even when we do find perfect grounds, we still have to pull weeds, plant new seeds and continue to take care of what’s ours. Life is like the seasons, we will have winters and then able to recognize rough patches versus empty lands. Jesus resurrected three days after his death. It may take a bit longer than three days for us to make the necessary changes to create the harvest we want. No matter how dirty you have gotten out in the fields, your values can always be resurrected and a new life can become an eternity of happiness. I love a simple single rose, but baby can you plant me trees that we can grow for years? Let’s build a forest.

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