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Remain plugged in during isolation

If I could paint a picture of the workings of my mind, I don’t think I’d believe what I saw. It’s in the moments where my own reaction surprises me that I find validation in the woman I’m becoming. I can hear a million times how significant I am, but until I believe it, it’s just a waste of breathe. The last few days I have felt stagnant. There’s a void in the air and a dead energy I just want to rid. My intuition feels foggy and I have lost connection. If an old person had a help line, this would be an equivalent of it going offline. The lonely feeling in this universe is not one I take kindly. Been about five days since I’ve been able to focus and meditate. That I haven’t been able to watch a motivational video without zoning out. I haven’t been able to tap into my spiritual elements as quickly as a snap of the fingers, like usual. I’m curious to know what exactly causes us to disconnect without notice. Community is a huge part of life. It’s a place to share, to learn and to be supported. This quarantine has us connected in many avenues with social media and virtual callings, but the presence of actual people, real touch, shared energies keeps us from genuine encounters. That false made dopamine can only stem so far. Finding myself chasing a high, because we can only stare at our screens for so long. My lifestyle has changed so dramatically. The moment I’m feeling my “old self” I begin to quickly evaluate. I’m learning that when we don’t feel the presence of our source we have to remain faithful to our practices and have faith in the workings of our higher power. We can’t allow negative oppositions to stop us from being consistent to the very things that keep us grounded. Not being able to share with others our thoughts and feelings is a quick way to feel isolation, and to succumb to it. This Easter won’t be about Easter Egg hunting or dressing up in Sunday’s best. Probably the first year my kid’s didn’t have photos taken. Regardless of what is happening in the world, He is risen. If you aren’t a believer, you can still walk away encouraged that the world around us doesn’t dictate a miracle. If we can come into agreement with one another we can give authority for magic to happen. Take a moment, look in the mirror, and tell yourself I’m back!

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