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The Queen is not the pawn

Life is a strategy, and right now, I can’t read the board like Queen’s Gambit. Oddly, we are both from Kentucky, but I’m drug-free. The only way I’m going to see the pieces on the board move is by physically rearranging them myself.

I’m a variable. In a world of no promises or certainty, I can guarantee one thing, myself. That even comes with multiple outcome scenarios, but we don’t always react the way we anticipate, but as of now, I’m the best bet to roll the dice on.

I’ve gone from curing the world to now playing consultant to a design and finding where the mechanical parts will fail before sending the blueprints off to be built. It’s just not the way I do life. I have to stay in the game to win. The difference is I can’t fire myself after an unsuccessful season. I can only regroup and restructure.

If you can’t recognize a queen from a pawn, stick to checkers.

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