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Time to start dating with purpose and intentions.

I love Target. It is definitely one of my top places to go and browse. Browse? Yep! No agenda, no motive, no limitations...knowing that I’ll find something even if it isn’t anything I need or that serves me in any shape or form. Sort of like dating, I can swipe all day long and meet countless people. Except the cost of placing meaningless people in my life can have a higher cost than items I can return. I will no longer shop without purpose in the men’s department. We have all heard that we should surround ourselves with people who are of good influential substances. People who are at levels or heights you want to reach. People who have something that you desire regardless if it is a skill, mindset, position or even something of value. Because we all know that surrounding yourself around people who aren’t succeeding beyond your current limits are ether going to look at you to level up, give you the spirit of contentment or simply hold you back. So why is it that when I list out my demands in a partner I’m told my standards are too high? Unobtainable? Unrealistic? How come when we think about the person we want to spend forever with ***tire-squeals*** oh that’s right, most people don’t! Majority of the time we are living in the moment and not considering long term. Do they want five kids? Does their job require them to relocate? Do they go to church? Maybe these things aren’t deal breakers and maybe they are but why even entertain something that never had potential? Why do we invest more time evaluating the people in our network groups, our mom friends, our church community members, our co workers but not the people in our beds? I’m a worker, a hustler, a woman who strives to not only exceed my current standings but to never settle on my own could I have a man who was content and lacked drive? I’m a mediating unicorn and I love God, why would I date someone who isn’t going to walk that journey with me or strengthen my faith? I have children. Why would I be with someone who didn’t value family? Someone who doesn’t want to be healthy and live a fit life? Love music? Pour from a full cup and see the world in an optimistic way? I could go on and on and on because I understand that we need people to nurture who we are so that we can thrive in our partnerships. I’m done changing my core values and who I am for someone who doesn’t match my soul. Anything less may put food on the table but it’ll be a meal that lacks nutrients. Say this slowly: makes you fill full... but doesn’t fulfill. When I leave empty handed and the associates ask if I was able to get my essentials, it’s always, myself and I.

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