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To cross the bridge or to sit in the middle and play both sides?

The exciting part of a level is the bubble can sit on any part of the vial, and as long as everything is balanced, the center isn’t necessarily the right place. As we ascend upward in growth, our projection becomes a slant, and the ground beneath us can feel as though we are going to fall backward. Keeping your feet planted forward towards your goals will help drive the momentum. Growth comes at different paces, with added weight from the balance of life, we have to know when it’s time to pull the emergency brake.

My entire adult life has always had some combination of multiple jobs, projects, and endeavors while managing a household. As I become older, my vision for my life is changing, priorities shifting, and the time to once again reevaluate how I spend my time—recognizing that as a single businesswoman, I don’t have the options of sharing my daily obligations or financial responsibilities. What happens when I'm approached with something that will change the game? When I’m faced with dollar signs that could take precedence over my kids?

A workaholic. A woman who takes pride in running a home-based business because it means I can run 24/7 and never need a sitter. Never call out if someone is sick, school is closed, or have to shut down during a worldwide pandemic. A woman who’s kids are trained to the extent that my clients don’t even know they are home when I’m working. Took years, but now they are disciplined to manage when the open sign is turned on.

A woman of self-worth. A value that came from the ability to grow and manage businesses that freed me to be on my own and take care of myself and my family. My ambition has no limit. Nor does the willingness to put in the work hours, the number of ideas or trades I possess that make my wheelhouse of ideas never-ending. I’d work 25/8 if it were possible. But my life is not a “suicide mission” (my reference to things that a person who’s only responsibilities are to themselves could do because it wouldn’t affect anyone else), as selfish as I want to be, I can’t. Now I stand at a bridge and have to decide to cross over or limbo in between.

The awareness that my career may have reached its peak and that more hours isn’t an option, I’m weighing the direction of my professional life and what opportunities it will bring for my family, my goals, and ultimately my future. It may just be the time to step out from behind the chair and in front of the world.

As a true believer in where focus goes, energy flows, I dedicated 2020 to professional growth and have meditated on watching myself on a platform that was rising—praying to God to place me in a position that would allow me to share what he has done for me to the world. Life is unexpected, and I can’t even begin to share what doors have opened. No spoiler alert in this post, just know that if you have faith, you’re consistent and seek Him before anything else, pieces will begin to fall into place as you start to match things blindly.

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