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We must exercise our mind, bodies, and soul to function properly.

A band or Orchestra is a well oiled music machine that is one sound from many instruments. While watching the Florida Orchestra I couldn’t help but notice that most of the musicians were of a mature age. Envisioning the years spent perfecting their craft, I imagine they now voluntarily play together to keep their love for their gift alive. Although I do believe they all have the ability to play in their sleep, the impact as a whole means maintaining their skills is of the up most importance.

My arrogance was like an oil leak to the engine that runs my life. A small daily dose that had no immediate reaction yet ended with me locking the entire engine up. See one minuscule slip of a drip that may have been undetectable and left behind effects that were the equivalent of a shredded piece of hair. However, the long term effect couldn’t be ignored.

My mind is a very porous sponge. The moment I fill it up, it absorbs the information and begins to dry back up in the process. If I don’t continue to saturate it, keep it moist, it becomes hard, and rigid. In theory, I become less compassionate for others and incapable of filtering out the negative thoughts that find their way into my brain. What happens when you mix Coca Cola and Mentos? A chemical reaction that explodes! Yet when I constantly feed my mind, I am able to control my mindset and fill it with positive thoughts, concepts and lessons that make me a better person for myself...and for those around me.

My daily activities that fed my noggin were working. Like compounded energy, I self medicated with prayer, watching positive things and constantly gathering new concepts to move me down a path of becoming a better human. I was on a roll. Just like any new habit forming exercise, we can lose drive, and I noticed I began to slowly sit in comfort. One day I missed one task, then the following week it happened two days and so fourth. One day I realized I wasn’t doing any of the tasks I was striving for, but because I was “surviving” I felt confident in the fact I didn’t need my “drugs” anymore. That my faith wasn’t a clutch or a means to an answer, that I was cured! Then I went to switch gears one day, stalled out and found myself stranded on the side of the road.

I was desensitized by the new positivity I had created from my own works. Thinking I could do it on my own. That I didn’t need to rely on God. **lighting strikes in the background** My life had begun to unravel and convert back as I was returning to old ways. Like going to the gym and getting fit, you can’t think you can stop all practices and be able to maintain that fit state. Impossible! I can never settle or think I’m safe to coast the system. I should’ve been becoming who I was transforming into and then asking God how to step it up.

Like all new ventures we must become mature in the journey, experienced in the way, committed to long term efforts, and remember that we must always give 100 percent. My life has become nothing without God. Even though I stray at times or forget to make Him priority, he is always with me and waiting for my return.

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