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What's the balance looking like in your relationships?

Stock in the stock market fluctuates enough that we as investors have to constantly monitor the flow. If we can learn to read the charts properly, we can gauge when to sell, trade, or buy for a better return. Although sitting ideal could bring a profit, it could also be devastating if we don’t know when to pull out at the right time. The lesson here is to consistently give our investments the attention and efforts they need so that we can get on the ups and correct when it’s on the downs. Like many people, I’m out of business. Corona has. Shut. Me. Down! Luckily, I had enough money put away that my bills aren’t feeling the effect. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know how long I will last before my next deposit hits but I’m in no way worried. The truth is, deep down inside, I know God will provide. After a lifelong of treating money like my master, I’m leaving it up to my faith. God has proven himself over and over enough times to me that I don’t even question or doubt his arrival when the timing is right. He has made enough deposits for me to maintain my life substantially on interest alone. Let’s talk about emotional banks. And can I be real people? I’m so tired of hearing people complain about their significant other’s insecurities when they are the very reason for it! You know which role you play! If you really want to learn something and make the dynamic in your relationship a more peaceful one, then PAY ATTENTION! We all have an emotional bank. An account for each person that plays a significant role in our lives. These people have done things to make us feel secure, insecure, trust, not trust or any other emotion that can be derived in a relationship. When we show effort for someone to fill positively towards that emotion we create deposits into the system. When we do things in a manner to cause a negative effect, we withdraw from the account. It’s up to us to manage the ledger. I’m well aware that I’m not perfect and could probably name several ways, I’m more than likely, going to screw up in the future. These things won’t be intentional, but I want to make sure that when they happen, I’ve had enough positive deposits that my people will have good faith in my apology when I come to my senses. When we have a good stock in our investments, any loss has no more effect than a child’s view of giving away a penny. A kid has no sense of money or labor, tossing a cent out the door is out of sight out of mind. We should value our partners enough that we desire their peace of mind’s security by always striving to fulfill them in a residual manner. If you just had an ah-ha moment and recognized you haven’t been the greatest cheerleader, pat yourself on the back. Awareness is always the first step. Now that you know, let’s start taking action. Begin showing gratitude for the things they do and acknowledge the qualities that are exceptional. I promise, it will make all the difference in the world! You treat a man/woman as the person you want them to be, and they will begin to move that direction. In the past I have been a dog-paddling woman treading water for a man who I just couldn’t be enough for, and I turned around to lay out and tan. I quit. I have also been the one who could find a hundred complaints on a blank piece of paper to complain to my man about. The same way I realized that was no way to build a man up, I learned I don’t have to accept it from someone who wants to tear a woman down. So, for the man who tells me every breath I make infuses the oxygen he inhales, I just want to give you more. Bricks are bricks. If we keep stacking we will keep reaching higher, because once we hit rock bottom there’s nowhere else to go but to walk away discouraged. Sometimes when we are selfless and give, we are returned tenfold the grace we gave to someone else. Change your perspective. Be vulnerable. Have courage. The reward is only as big as the risk. Set your ego aside and love. The right person is waiting to sail without restrictions with you. I have a thick 401k of love for my beneficiaries.

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